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Dillon Lake – letter of approval! RRRRah!

Yeah, Dillon Lake has been completely approved! Working out insurance stuff at the moment, but the paperwork is moving along. Also working with us are RTD for a location at Union Station, which is going to be awesome!

Google Map links for those of you who are unfamiliar:

We’ll be shooting at the very south end of the Blue River Arm on Dillon Reservoir, with a backdrop of the mountains where Swan Mountain Road traverses.


Cease Fire: Day 01 video

Here’s a small video about the projects first day of shooting. Due to ridiculous logistical issues (including, but not limited to: weather, finances, scheduling, locations, etc), all shooting days have been moved to January in order to get people when they aren’t in the middle of their holidays and year-end work.

I only have the video posted on Facebook at the moment, so click here to view this on facebook.

Teaser graphics…

Everyone, I’d like you all to meet Dylan Blair, who is my special FX artist / editor…he does awesome stuff. Here’s a screenshot of some snow graphics he worked out for the teaser.

Teaser art!

Here is the titling for the teaser being released at UCD’s Cinefest on Friday, December 10th…

Production stills, pre-fx. No color correction.