One man on the brink of nothing is about to change everything…


We made the Onion!!!

Check out the article on the film and our kickstarter campaign here:,57711/

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Hulser and Page meet, and discuss the weapon of the future…

It was a beautiful shoot last week – Tom Doyle as Colonel Page, and Jessica Paddock behind the scenes in Production Design, making the barracks environment complete. Tomorrow, we shoot the final dialogue of the film, with Jon Diack as General Savage and Shawn Rickel of Big View Ranch as “Mister” Sladen.

Teaser graphics…

Everyone, I’d like you all to meet Dylan Blair, who is my special FX artist / editor…he does awesome stuff. Here’s a screenshot of some snow graphics he worked out for the teaser.


Teaser art!

Here is the titling for the teaser being released at UCD’s Cinefest on Friday, December 10th…


Production stills, pre-fx. No color correction.