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Shirts are here!


Crossing oceans…!

And for those of you who don’t speak italian:

Thanks to Luca for the article! 😀

Kickstarter prizes – promo art…

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Just a little ways further…

We’ve been working all summer at the special fx, and have had some interesting things happen along the way:

The Digital Animation department has joined up to do some work for us in RealFlow for the first scene, which is great!

Rotobrushing has been a long, tedious process, as it always is (for anyone who doesn’t know, if you don’t have a greenscreen behind your subject and you want to put them in a different environment, you’ll end up using Adobe After-Effects Rotobrush to get the job done). A small chunk has to be processed this way, doing hands-on work for 24 frames of footage per second, for almost 4 minutes of footage. That’s approximately 5,760 frames…it’s a lot of work, but completely worth it.

There was a scene that required the interior of an aircraft, which had eluded us since the beginning, almost a year ago. I had spent the last 8 months looking hard for this shot, and it finally came through…persistence is everything.

And, I had found a deal for a great price on prizes for our Kickstarter contributors, but the deal went away before I could get it, and it set the whole process back a bit. The process is now going forward, posters are completely done, and USB drives are almost done, pending artwork color approval on my end.

This is it for now – things are moving along, as they should. Granted, the process is slow, but this sort of thing takes time to do right, and there is just no point in doing it any other way.

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